CrossFit WOD 7/30/14

Wednesday’s Workout Of the Day with John Wieland!

WOD 7.30.14 Stick Figures

Today’s WOD gets your heart pumping with plenty of reps broken into short sets. Use a comfortable weight that’s a little lighter than what you can usually do with these exercises. The focus today is speed and endurance, not power.

CrossFit WOD 7.30.14

CrossFit Workout of the Day 7.30.14

3 minute AMRAP: As Many Reps As Possible for 3 minutes. Go all out because when those 3 minutes are done you get a full 2 minutes of rest! Shoot for about 1.5-3 sets.

Push Press: Start with the bar on the floor. Power clean it up to your shoulders, practicing good form to protect your back. Push the bar up overhead so that your arms are straight and slightly behind your ears. Bring it back down to your collarbone for a full rep.

Front Squat: Go into these right from the push press using the same bar. Rest the bar on your collarbone with elbows up as high as they go in front of you. Drop into a squat so your hips get below your knees, then pop back up for a full rep.

Burpee: Everybody’s favorite! From a standing position, squat down and put both palms on the floor. Hop your legs back into a plank position and land on your toes. Hop your legs back up into your chest, doing your best to land on your heels rather than the balls of your feet, and stand back up.

Hand Raise Push Up: Just like a regular push-up, but at the bottom rest your chest on the floor and raise your hands up a few inches. Put your hands back on the floor and push up. Focus on keeping your core tight so you can raise your torso as a flat plank rather than arching your back.

Mountain Climber: Get into a push up position. With your arms straight and chest up, drive your legs up one at a time so your knees touch your elbows. It’s kind of like running in place (or climbing an impossible steep mountain) and speed is the key. One left leg and one right leg counts as one rep.

If you didn’t make it into Lex Ave this morning, you can do this WOD on your own and get a great full-body workout in just 30 minutes. Check out this schedule and find the class that’s right for you!

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