CrossFit WOD 8/8/14

It’s Sheer Shoulders with Today’s Workout Of the Day

CrossFit Workout of the Day 8.8.14

Every exercise in this workout engages your shoulders, not to mention your core and coordination. Each segment is pretty short, so go hard all the way!

CrossFit WOD

CrossFit Workout of the Day 8-8-14

Wall Walks: Start laying on the floor, feet against a wall and hands at your shoulders. Push yourself off the ground with your feet and raise one foot as high as you can on the wall. Walk your hands toward the wall and tip-toe your feet higher until your chest hits the wall. Then walk yourself back down to the floor.

Deadlifts: Start with a barbell at your feet. Get into a squat position and grab the bar. Engage your hamstrings, keep your back and neck straight, look forward, and stand up. Choose a weight that is light enough to get up a few times, but heavy enough that you might need to take a breather by the 5th set.

Burpees Over Bar: Stand next to your deadlift bar. Do a burpee, and instead of jumping up at the end jump sideways over the bar. Every time you go over counts as a rep.

Tabata Wall Balls: Stand 1-2 feet from a wall. Face the wall and throw a soft medicine ball as high as you can so it touches the wall at its highest point. 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest, 8 times. Remember do drop all the way down into a squat, and never let the ball drop below your shoulders.

Strict Pull-Ups: Start hanging from the bar. Lift yourself up in a slow, controlled motion until your chin comes over the bar, then let yourself down. When you do these quickly, it’s easy to let momentum bounce you up and down a bit and short yourself on the full extension. Slowing it down really forces you to pull with your lats, shoulders, and arms. If five reps is too hard, grab a resistance band. If it’s too easy, strap some weights to your ankles or your hips.

Thanks to John Wieland for putting together this great workout! Check out the full schedule of CrossFit, boxing, and bootcamp classes here.

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