Lexington Avenue Gym CrossFit Facility


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CrossFit is within our core belief system in that it focuses on functional movements, high intensity and constantly varied workouts.  OUR EMPHASIS IS ON 1:1 PERSONAL TRAINING TECHNIQUE.  In fact, our trainers hold nationally recognized personal training certifications in addition to a total of 13 CrossFit certifications and are very active in CrossFit competitive events.  Every trainer has a minimum of 2 years teaching experience specifically in CrossFit.  We will NOT push our members to move up in weight or reps until perfect form is obtained at any given level.  While, our focus is one on one instruction, we do offer classes. We keep our class size limited to 8 people to assure maximum attention is given to form.

A CrossFit Class is a group workout for an hour where up to 8 people complete the same set of movements and workouts together. Every day the mix of movements and workouts are different and we encourage everyone to record their progress so over time they can see the vast improvements in their fitness, strength and conditioning.

CrossFit practitioners will find that mixing in our group Boxing & Kickboxing classes strongly complement CrossFit training.

Our CrossFit Certifications include: Level1 CrossFit, CrossFit Endurance, CrossFit Kettlebell, CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting, CrossFit Mobility 

Our Personal Training Certifications include: NASM – National Association of Sports Medicine, ACE – American Council on Exercise



BRAND NEW 5,000 Square Foot FACILITY:


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