Ramat Deleon-Nwaha

Focus: Personal Trainer/Strength Coach

Ramat Deleon-Nwaha

I used to work in gyms for the free membership, do cardio on the treadmills, and get advice from people I thought were in shape. Then I became a personal trainer and it changed the way I looked at lifting and the fitness industry in general. I did not know improving core strength could alleviate if not eliminate low back pain and get people up and moving again. I did not know that a strong cardiovascular system meant greater energy and improved mood for work and play. I did not realize I could help someone improve their self esteem, vitals, relieve stress, or strengthen the body armor for old age. The last part took longer to realize, but it’s safe to say with consistency of effort… I can change your life through fitness!

– Core Strength and Conditioning
– Injury Prevention
– Functional Movement

– Adult CPR/AED
– Integrated Stretching

Membership and Affiliations:
– National Strength and Conditioning Association
– National Academy of Sports Medicine
– The Art and Science of Kinesiology

Phone: 914-393-2588
Email: ramat@firstfitness1.com
Website firstfitness1.com