If you like releasing steam by punching and/or kicking, we think you may be ready for some kickboxing classes. No need to have previous experience, just some positive attitude and a great location near you. Lexington Avenue Gym is located in Mount Kisco, NY. Close to the towns of Chappaqua and Millwood, New York.

What Is Kickboxing?

Kickboxing is a type of martial arts. It uses both hands and feet as points of contact, no elbows or knees are involved. Kickboxing has become a very popular sport, both professionally and mainstream.  There are a lot of benefits when using kickboxing as your workout of choice. Studies have shown that cardiovascular health will improve within only five weeks of exercise. Your body will become more efficient at getting oxygen and using it. It’s what’s called VO2 max levels.

Will I Need A Personal Trainer For Kickboxing?

A personal trainer will definitely help you keep track of your fitness goals and safety. However, once you have some basic knowledge, you may be able to train at your own pace. Lexington Avenue Gym, has state-of-the-art facilities and professional trainers available to meet with you.

What Equipment Do I Need To Start Kickboxing?

If you join our gym, we will have all the equipment you need to start your training.  However, for kickboxing you only need boxing gloves.  Those are essential. Do not get bag gloves, get actual boxing gloves. For hitting the bags and sparring, 14oz or 16oz gloves shouldbe good.

What Can I Expect In A Kickboxing Class?

You can expect to meet with one of our team members to discuss your goals. Also expect to sweat, bring comfortable clothes and shoes. We will show you the techniques to use hand wraps and boxing gloves. Call today for an appointment or just come and visit us in Mt. Kisco.