Our Covid Safety Measures

The specifics relating to Personal training from within this document are as follows:

  • Patrons and trainers wear face coverings at all times; 
  • Patrons and trainers maintain six-foot of space to the maximum extent possible, considering occasional, brief contact that may be closer than six feet to address a health or safety risk (e.g., demonstrate exercise, correct form or posture). In any case, this close contact must be conducted within the least amount of time possible (i.e., no lingering or socializing); 
  • Patrons and trainers must prohibit the sharing of personal items between one another(e.g., towels); and 
  • Patrons and trainers must clean and disinfect any shared equipment in between use(e.g., demonstrations).

Enhancements to the State Requirements we are deploying are as follows:

  • Trainers and clients will have contactless temperature taken on way in.
  • Rather than the normal free flow of space usage of the facility, we have created six designated personal training safety areas (PTSA).  We have the ability to add 2 more PTSAs when busy by utilizing the turf.  This means we will never have more than 6 simultaneous people training (each in their own designated areas) inside a huge 4,000 square foot facility.  We could quadruple this and stay within state guidelines, but we won’t.
  • PTSAs are large – at least 400+ square feet each – WELL beyond state space requirements
  • Client appointments will be designated for a specific PTSA at the time of appointment.
  • Each PTSA will have more than enough space to assure a very challenging workout while maintaining a safe social distance between trainers/clients as well as between clients.
  • We will be distributing equipment throughout the PTSAs to be used ONLY within the PTSA the equipment is located.  There will be no sharing of equipment across PTSAs.
  • Trainers will disinfect everything in the PTSA between sessions. 
  • There will be disinfectant available in each PTSA.
  • Bathrooms will be available with special cleaning precautions to take place. However showers will not be available.
  • There will be no sharing of boxing gloves or wraps.
  • We will continue our regular professional cleaning/disinfecting service.
  • Clients should bring their own personal water bottles, yoga matts, gloves, wraps and towels as needed.

All required precautions taken

Temperature Check when entering building

Dedicated Personal training safety areas much larger than required

Several Disinfecting and hand sanitizer stations

Social distancing strictly enforced

Passed 100% of 29 point inspection with Department of Health


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