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Jay Maryniak

Focus: Personal Training, Kickboxing, Boxing, Crossfit

Jay Maryniak

Jay, an inspirational Type 1 Diabetic, specializes in overall fitness and develops optimized workouts for his clients of all ages and fitness levels.  In his competitive days, he regularly showed strong placements in events such as CrossFit Competitions, Triathlons and the NY City Marathon.  While he is a specialist in “body weight/gymnastic” type of exercise, he designs his workouts specifically for clients goals & objectives which can include lifting and aerobic type of exercises as well.  Jay also has experience as a competitive Muai Thai Kickboxer and will incorporate boxing or kickboxing in to his workouts for those who are interested.  On a personal level, Jay has inspired thousands with his personal story he openly shares about his transformation from drugs to a clean living fitness advocate (see Youtube interview below).  He has well over 100,000 followers on his @jtm_fitness Instagram feed & Facebook Page

Jay has earned the following certifications:
– Level1 CrossFit
– CrossFit Endurance
– CrossFit Kettlebell
– CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting
– CrossFit Mobility 
– CrossFit Gymnastics 
– NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine)

Featured in Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness Magazine’s