Boxing for Parkinson’s has become one of the few workouts that people suffering from this chronic disease can practice safely and in a regular basis. Even at home, patients can practice some boxing, which allows family members to participate and get involved.  There is no known cure for Parkinson’s as of today, but it can be managed in different ways. Increasing evidence has been gathered, providing that exercise can be used as a protective tool to combat the effects of this disease overtime.  There are several associations around the world that are continuously working on ways to improve the effects of this disorder through exercise. One of those associations is Rock Steady Boxing.

How To Get Started

If you or any of your relatives are facing Parkinson’s disease and need support and guidance on how to get started with boxing or exercise, you can visit Rock Steady Boxing’s website to get helpful information. Their site contains information on classes, affiliates, coaches, or ways to donate. There are currently 871 Rock Steady boxing programs around the world. You can learn even more by subscribing to get a free full-color 40-page magazine. In Your Corner is a bi-annual magazine full of fun and inspirational stories that will help you cope with the stress around Parkinson’s. Every day hundreds of people get diagnosed with this disease, so if you, or any of your relatives are new to this community, be reassure that you are not alone.

Will Boxing Really Help Parkinson’s?

As mentioned before, boxing for Parkinson’s has been found to be beneficial for patients. It is not un-usual that people suffering from chronic illnesses are often asked to take on some mild aerobics like swimming, walking, or jogging and even though boxing is not on this list, it is important to note that the intense and repetitive movements of this type of workout has been found to really help reduce the effects of Parkinson’s disease. It does however, remains as one of the most intense sports one can ever engage.  At Lexington Avenue gym, we are committed to help this community, and we have partnered with Rock Steady Boxing to make sure we do our part to help improve the health of individuals affected with this disorder.

Programs In Westchester NY

Lexington Avenue gym is a certified Rock Steady Boxing affiliate, and we are in the heart of Mount Kisco, NY. We are happy to answer any questions you may have involving a personal trainer, boxing for Parkinson’s or just regular boxing training.  Only an 8-minute drive from Bedford Hills and less than 30 minutes from the nearby towns. Schedule a free visit today, call us at (914) 241-2657 or simply fill out our contact form.