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Tuesday- 10:30 am Boot Camp – Percy Thomas
Thursday – 11 am Boot Camp – Percy Thomas



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Class Descriptions

We’ve taken fitness to a whole new level with our fitness classes. These explosive total body fitness classes can help you lose weight and burn fat. Depending on your intensity, you can burn up to 1,000 calories in just one hour. How hard you workout is completely up to you. All fitness levels are welcome, from beginners to pros, in three fun workout styles. Women, Men and kids over 12 are welcome. Stop by the LexAveGym today and try out a class.


The kickboxing workout incorporates kicking with punching for a dynamic exercise routine. Heavy bags are provided as well as wraps and gloves. This workout begins with a warmup and stretch to prepare your body for kicking and striking the heavy bag.

Once your body is warmed up, your professional kick-boxing instructor will teach you the fundamentals from front kicks to roundhouses to back kicks, plus jab, cross and hook punching techniques. Your legs and arms will tone and strengthen with each punch and kick.

Cardio endurance is challenged with working rest periods. And innovative weight loss exercises incorporate medicine balls and your natural body weight resistance with burpees, leg lifts, yoga planks and more. With each hour-long kickboxing workout, the pounds and inches will melt away fast.


We are not your average boot camp. Most boot camps will place their members in an open field or school gymnasium. Our facility has the equipment needed to give you all the tools for a fun workout.

No need to bring anything. Some of the equipment we have are kettle bells, free weights, benches, steps, sand bags, boxing heavy bags, ropes, mats, medicine balls, TRX Bands, bosu balls, weighted bars, pull up bars, etc., etc.

Every class is different – but a fun approach to a great workout is consistent!


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