Looking for something special to do with your children? What about… safe boxing lessons for kids and teens? We are all trying to make sure our children know how to take care of themselves and how to defend themselves in the event of something happening. So why not take them to a safe environment where they can be introduced to some boxing techniques and at the same time get a great workout?

What Are The Benefits Of Boxing?

Reinforcing positive attitude will help your child with his/hers self-esteem. Some parents have even stated that classroom behavior improves when regular workout was introduced into their regular routines. We need to teach our children to never give up and to give their best on anything they do. Bringing fitness into their lives will create a new set of goals and they will make new friends.

Where Can We Go For Boxing?

Weather you are in Mount Kisco, Armonk, Bedford Hills, Katonah, Millwood or Chappaqua for a short or long visit. We encourage you to walk-in to do some training or to participate in one of our classes. We have a spacious 5,000 Square Feet facility, professional boxing ring, 23 yard running turf for sprints, sled pulls, etc…All new equipment for classes – Box Jumps, Kettle Bells, Wall Balls, Slam Balls. Clean fully renovated bathrooms with and bath towels supplied and laundered daily. We don’t have any membership fees.

What Does A Teen Boxing Class Involve?

Our classes are designed to bring kids further than physical fitness. They train, they learn new skills and grow physical and mentally. Our certified trainers will work on improving your child’s interpersonal skills. Boxing helps develop speed, agility, coordination, and builds strength.  Better yet, regular exercise will help your child with the impact of screen time.  Kids are more and more attached to electronic devices and are thinking less and less on spending time outdoors playing or working out.

Where Do We Start Boxing?

You can start by calling us or just simply stop by. Our staff is ready to help you with any questions you may have.