If you are typing Fitness Boot Camp Near Me right now, maybe it’s because you have heard of the many benefits that this type of training brings to your mind and body.

Some of these benefits are:

-Muscle Tone
-Weight lose
-Improvement in your equilibrium
-Reduction of stress

We think that the best of all, it’s that Boot Camp training can be performed indoors or outdoors.

Are There Different Types Of Boot Camps?

There are seven (7) popular types of Boot Camps according to Livestrong.com. The one that is right for you will depend on your life style, current health and/or your schedule. Here are the seven types:

  1. Indoor Boot Camp Workouts
  2. Outdoor Boot Camp Workouts
  3. Aqua Boot Camp Workouts
  4. Online Boot Camp Workouts
  5. Military-Style Boot Camp Workouts
  6. Prison-Style Boot Camp Workouts
  7. Boot Camp Workouts for a Cause


I Am Boot Camp Newbie, Where Do I Start?

One of the main things you need to do before starting any kind of training or anything new in your life; it’s to do some research. This will give you some insight of what to expect and will prepare you to ask questions.  If your zip code is 10549. Or you live near  Mount Kisco, please stop by Lexington Avenue gym and observe a class and/or talk to any of our trainers.

Fitness Boot Camp Class At Lexington Ave

We are not your average boot camp. Most boot camps will place their members in an open field or school gymnasium. Our facility has the equipment needed to give you all the tools for a fun workout.

No need to bring anything. Some of the equipment we have are kettle bells, free weights, benches, steps, sand bags, boxing heavy bags, ropes, mats, medicine balls, TRX Bands, bosu balls, weighted bars, pull up bars, etc., etc.

Ready To Start?

Check our class schedule, give us a call or fill out our contact form for more information. It’s that easy, we won’t ask you to sign up for memberships, and our classes are very affordable.