A lot of times we are looking for a magic number on everything. How many cups of coffee in one day, how many repetitions on a fitness set, or how much salt to consume every day. Although, there is really no magic number, today we have brought you, 7 Ways to maintain a healthy and fit body. These seven ways to maintain a healthy and fit body will help you get back to the basics of staying in tune with your mind and body. When your body starts talking, we should listen. Each one of us, has specific needs; however: Hydrating, stretching, strength and conditioning are essential everyday routines for any body type. Let’s see which ones we need to pay attention the most.

The Seven

As we mentioned it before, there is no magic number, particularly when it comes to staying healthy and fit. Each person is different, and as we had recommended before, hiring a personal trainer it is the best way to obtain the best results. Therefore, the following tips are suggestions that should help you in the long road, not rules to live by:

  • Your sleeping schedule should be consistent
  • Morning routines should be quick and easy to maintain
  • Say no to sugar
  • Diet if you can
  • Meditate, stretch, or practice some form of relieving stress
  • Sit less and walk more
  • Drink more water

Do I have To Do All Seven?

The obvious answer is no, no one should feel like they are forced to do or maintain a routine that they do not like. Maybe you should start with the ones that are most in line with your current day-to-day life. Therefore, they won’t feel like a “to-do” list, they will be more like an “I-do” list.

Avoiding Boredom

No matter what we do in life, no one stays happy with the same routine every day. We know that commuting or working are things that unfortunately many of us cannot change, however, we can add to these daily routines or change the sequence that we always have. When it comes to ways to stay healthy and fit, the key to a successful routine, it is for you to enjoy doing it. Feel free to add/remove/edit as you go.

Ready To Have Fun?

Once you receive professional training and advice from any of our team members, you will feel motivated and ready to start. We will have your back, and we will be there whenever you need us. Call now for more information or to make an appointment or visit us in Mount Kisco, NY 10549 any time during our regular business hours.


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