Boxing for Kids & Teens or any other sport that you may want your kids to try may have to wait until we are all clear from the COVID-19 virus pandemic. No one was expecting or prepared for what we have been experiencing in the world. In our cities and our neighborhoods. You may or may not know someone that had it. We are all in the same boat. We all can just keep trying our best to stay socially distant and/or clean every time we go outside.

How Can We All Help?

We have always put hygiene and cleanliness as one of our priorities when it comes to minimizing exposure to viruses. We understand that different people use our facilities and we also understand the importance of making sure everyone feels comfortable and reassured that they are working out in a clean environment. When we heard that the Covid-19 was in our town we immediately closed our gym to make sure no one of our employees or patrons were exposed. Do the same by exercising social distancing as well as using the outdoors only to exercise for an hour or two a day.

Do I Need To Change My Diet During Covid-19?

The answer is no. You don’t need to change your diet. If you are still able to find what you usually eat at the store or online keep doing it. Remember that a lot of people are working from home. That means that more people are going to the grocery stores during regular business hours. If you are not keeping up with your regular exercise routine you may have to adjust your diet to reflect periods of inactivity. Try going up and down stairs or go out for a walk around the neighborhood. That will at least keep your mind and body moving during this stressful time.

How Long Will This Virus Last?

There are different opinions as far when we will be able to re-open for business. However, a lot of people are agreeing that the worst of the virus will last for about 10 weeks. If you feel like boxing for kids & teens is the workout you want to try once this is over, please fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as feasible. Please stay home and be safe.