Have you tried running, zumba, or hitting the weights, with no clear results and/or time to increase the time on the routine to accomplish your goals? Have you thought about boxing? Boxing lessons are not as exclusive as they used to be. You can now find state-of-the-art facilities like the ones at Lex Ave Gym pretty much in any county in NY.

How fit do I need to be to do boxing lessons?

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not all about the arms or how much muscle you have to hit the boxing bag. With the proper training you will get to the level you need to start seeing the results you are looking for. Whether the goal is to lose weight, increate muscle tone, or just stay in shape; boxing will give you that and more.

At Lexington Avenue Gym, we will create a workout based on your needs. Boxing is not also an excellent way to increase speed, co-ordination, and improve cardio, but also a great one to keep your stress levels low. You will feel energized and ready to hit the gym every day.

How long it’s a Boxing session?

Our trainers at Lex Ave Gym have never come across anyone who can’t box. It’s easy to modify the exercise to suit you so everyone of all ages and fitness levels can participate. As far as how long the sessions are, it’s all up to you. Our schedules are flexible as well as our trainers. We offer 30 to 60 minute sessions with affordable pricing.

Ready to get started?

Stop today for a tour. You can also schedule a free consultation with any of our trainers. Our gym is centrally located in Mount Kisco NY just 12 minutes from Millwood and off the Saw Mill River Parkway. There are no membership requirements and you can accommodate your schedule according to your needs.

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