Need motivation or just a kick start to get into shape or finally fulfill your new year’s resolution? At Lex Ave Gym we offer Personal Training with proven techniques to get fitness results quickly. Even if you never boxed before, our professional trainers will make you feel comfortable and confident on every step of the way.

How Does Personal Boxing Training Work?

Personal training it’s exactly that, “personal”. We will create a workout based on your needs and also based on the time line that you have in mind to accomplish your goals. Are you getting married or do you have a wedding coming soon and want to look your best? Getting started it’s easy at our state-of-the-Art facilities. You can review our testimonials and see how many people have found boxing to be a great workout.

What Are The Benefits Of Boxing?

Going for runs, hitting the weights — popular workouts. Don’t get us wrong, they’re tried and tested and will help bring you toward that ultimate goal. However, running and lifting are a bit overdone, though, and for those craving the works, neither of the aforementioned are ideal because they can get a little bit boring or too repetitive.
Boxing, on the other hand, it’s perfect. It does all the right things without being weird about it: Weight loss, better speed and co-ordination, improved muscle tone, and a solid cardio hit. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not all about the arms, either. Besides being an excellent all-body cardio workout much like swimming, it’ll also smash your buttocks and quads.

Not the combative type? No problem, you’re not going along to get your molars handed to the canvas. You’ll most likely end up in a one-on-one session or a small group setting. The workout will consist of pad-work and light sparring. Things will usually start with a ten-minute warm-up and will develop according to your needs and current fitness level.

Where is the GYM located?

In conclusion, our team at Lex Ave Gym specialize in fitness. We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding a personal boxing trainer. We are close to Katonah NY, Mount Kisco NY, Bedford NY, Chappaqua NY, and Armonk NY. Contact Lex Ave Gym today to schedule a free consultation. Call now (914) 241-2657.