6 Ways to stay fit during the holidays, or maybe just one? Halloween starts the official holiday season, from cookies or candy at the office, to family gatherings and friends trying to catch up on all the lost time during 2020 and then comes the feasts at Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year’s. Finding 6 ways to stay fit during the holidays, when for some people there is snow on the grown, becomes even more difficult during these times,

Scheduling Time To Work Out

Yes, we are going to repeat this once again, one of the best things you can do for you, it is to try to schedule time to work out. We know it is not easy, our trainers at Lexington Avenue gym, will try their best to accommodate any specific times for you, however if you can find 30 minutes at home, you can do some stretching or simple jumping jacks to help with your cardio.

Something It Is Better Than Nothing

Most people believe that a good workout must be long and exhausting. We are sold on the idea or the advertising that shows athletes working out for hours and feeling the excruciating muscle pain, that will mean their efforts paid off. And even though for professional athletes this is mostly true, for us regular patrons at our local gym it is not. You can accomplish a lot by just having a good 30-minute session at home. Maybe invest on some light equipment to increase the intensity? Like a rowing machine, a treadmill or a simple device to make your bicycle a stationary one? Any type of workout it is better than no workout at all.

A Simple Walk

We talked about scheduling time, doing something better than nothing, we can also suggest trying something new during your workout to get out of the routine, what about some squats while you brush your teeth or going up and down the stairs a couple of times? There is not a perfect formula for staying fit during the holidays. Try to watch your calories and maybe just try a simple walk.

Need A Place To Unwind?

If trying to make time or space at home it is not an option, maybe plan a visit to the closest gym. We are here for you at Lexington Avenue gym.  We always try to accomplish HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) in one session. The session can be as short as 30 minutes or a full hour.  Give us a Call now for more information or to make an appointment.