What is more effective: Diet or Exercise? Some of you may find the answer as complicated as finding the answer to what was first, the chicken or the egg? It is fair to say that they both complement each other and that as we navigate to a healthy routine, we should practice both. Let’s take a look at some facts, so you can make a educated decision.


The general definition of diet in nutrition, is the sum of food consumed by a person or other organism. Your diet can simply be, eating sushi every day or a cheeseburger every day for lunch. They are both “diets”, however, society and pop culture, have changed the meaning of “diet” to imply that a person or a group of people is following a “Healthy” routine to accomplish weight loss or go back to a healthy stage. Although taboo, diet has become a popular word among “Lifestyle Gurus” that offer different “diets” to get to your desire fitness goal.


Same as diet, the word exercise it is often related to getting to a better stage that what we are currently at. Exercise is any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness. There are many benefits in exercising. We gain muscle and bone strength, boost our brain and immune system, prevents diseases like diabetes or joint pain. Exercise, help us relax and sleep better and overall will make you feel better and happy with yourself.

So Which One To Choose?

What is more effective: Diet or Exercise? The truth is diet. You can lose weight by simply changing your dietary habits because dietary caloric deficits can be sustainable. The ideal balance will be to add exercise to your diet. This way you can work on keeping the weight down by slowly finding the right mix of exercise to burn off any extra fat. Therefore, many crash diets are not the best when trying to keep a perfect weight long term. Studies show that people who loses weight drastically in a couple of months, quickly gain the weight back because the amount of exercise required to keep you off the scale is too intense.

Are You Ready To Find The Right Balance?

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