Spring it is here, and you may be asking yourself, how long it takes to get in shape for the Summer. The winter coldness it is finally fading away and the fresh air of the new leaves and flowers spark our senses. Yes, Spring also brings the seasonal allergies that we all despite and the sudden showers that makes us change our plans on a perfect weekend.  Spring it is the start of the anticipated vacation season, and how long it takes to get in shape for the summer, it is going to depend on you and your willingness to stick to your workout routine.

Change, Keep or Update My Routine?

The answer to each one of these questions, will depend on what results you are getting right now and what you wish to accomplish. Are you looking to maintain, exceed or lower your current level of fitness during the summer months?  Experts, recommend adding or modifying your workout routine at least every 4-6 weeks. There is also a saying “summer bodies are made in winter” but when, exactly do you need to start?

The Gradual Change

How much did you indulge during the winter months and how much extra padding you have now? This will determine most of the moves for this season. Nutrition plays a huge part in any health journey. And those looking to slim down for summer, should start by rethinking their diets. Specially if we are used to many processed foods. Our goal these months, should be to increase our intake of unprocessed foods, more things like fruit and vegetables, lean meats, and nuts. Sustainability is the key to any lasting results. Give six to eight weeks to give your taste buds a chance to change. And as far as your workout routing, start increasing the sessions and the repetitions to increase the cardio and burn more calories.

Training Alone, Or At The Gym?

You don’t have to exercise alone, but we think that everyone –man, woman, no matter what age – should be involved in some sort of strength training.  This will help with the moral and the overall workout will feel less exhausting when working with a group. At Lexington Avenue Gym, we can tailor a workout routine that can fulfill your needs. Our team has extensive experience and our years in the business can guarantee your success.

Are You Ready To Start?

Once you receive professional training and advice from any of our team members, you won’t look back. We will have your back, and we will be there whenever you need us. Call now. You can also plan your visit by filling out our contact form.