Have you ever wondered if Personal Training for Men vs. Women is the same? We constantly see the battle of the sexes in multiple shows and in different levels. Competing as athletes, engineers, construction workers, entrepreneurs, and sometimes even head of households, shows us now more than ever that physical differences sometimes are not enough reason to think that there is such a thing as a weak sex.

Is Training Related To Age?

When it comes to age, personal training for Men vs. Women comes down to the amount of time one has been training. The say about practice makes perfect; changes a little when it comes down to exercise. With training, it is all about time and having a great personal trainer. It is not an apples-to-apples comparison, it is a time vs. age comparison. Nothing about sex, nothing about weight, having a personal trainer that motivates you, and pushes you safely and effectively makes all the difference.

Can Women & Men Have The Same Strength & Resistant?

In terms of working out, women and men or vice versa can absolutely have the same strength and resistance while working out. However, and going back to our previous paragraph, the amount of time that a person has been training matters. Why?

-Resistance: Every day, every week, every month that you exercise will make your body stronger, and therefore able to gradually increase the amount of weight and resistance that it can take. Some body builders must train for years before the can compete at a professional level. Only because when it comes to shaping your body; you can only see results with time.l

-Muscle Tone: Because men can burn calories and body fat faster than women; muscle tone will increase on the same way.

-Overall Size: Men are generally larger than women.

Where Can I Train?

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