Boxing Training in Westchester is becoming a trend. Being one of the biggest counties; Westchester, NY offers diversity and spaces that cannot be found in Manhattan without breaking the bank. Lexington Avenue Gym it is a spacious and affordable boxing training gym, that allows young and mature members to train in a clean environment and to use state-of-the art equipment.

We are centrally located at 136 Radio Circle Drive, Mount Kisco, NY. Only a seven (7) minute drive from the train station, or if you feel like walking you can be here in twenty (20) minutes. We have re-opened in a new facility, there is parking available for your convenience. Our gym has been in business for twenty (20) years, and we can proudly say that we were able to survive the pandemic. Our new facility allows for social distancing and our safety protocols will ensure that you always have sanitizing stations available.  We follow all current CDC Guidelines our trainers are always wearing a mask.

Will My Hands Be Sore With Boxing?

As we all know, boxing training is a highly physical, high-impact sport. One of the best ways to avoid injuries in any type of sport, it is to wear the proper equipment. You will not play football without a heavy-duty type of helmet and you will not do boxing without a pair of high-quality gloves that fit you well and make you feel like your hands are well protected.  Will wearing the right type of equipment protect you from injuries? The answer is no.  No one is 100% exempt or getting hurt, however, one way to lower the chances of an injury it is to train with a personal trainer in a well-equipped facility.

Can I Do Boxing Training If I Have Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

While boxing training provides endless health & fitness benefits, common injuries include knuckle and wrist pain. Carpel Tunnel Syndrome is a very common condition among young and mature people, that although can be treated, does not entirely go away. As we mentioned before, the high impact of boxing may cause your hands and knuckles to be sore. You must have doctor’s clearance before starting boxing training. This will ensure your trainer knows the limits and how much he can push you during a workout session.

We are here for you if you want to start boxing training in Westchester. Call us today.