Sticking to your fitness goals after the euphoria of the new year or after a lot of fun during the Summer can be very challenging. We are usually more up to start a new project, a different routine, even start a new job, rather than sticking to what we have or to continue with the workout routine that we started earlier this year. Indeed, sticking to your fitness goals could be sometimes more stressful than creating the actual goals. At Lexington Avenue gym, we cannot promise you that you will never miss a session. However, we will do our best to help you stick to your routine.

Discipline, Discipline, Discipline

If you watch or listen to any interview with a famous athlete, we can assure you that you will hear the word “Discipline” at least 3 times. There are many shapes and forms of discipline, and it can start with a simple routine like making your bed every day. Discipline creates a strong mind, that can be transformed to accomplish other goals. Discipline is why the Army; the Navy and other organizations are so well known. Anyone that joins any of these elite groups can tell you that having a routine and sticking to it, it is key to a successful graduation. For those who manage to make it through, having a discipline will become an essential part of their daily lives.

Why If I Don’t Have Discipline

Like everything in life, practice makes perfect. If you feel like you cannot stick to your fitness goals, maybe you should anticipate some of the possible reasons why you will not be able to complete it. It’s what scientist call “Chaos Theory”. For example, if the goal is to make your bed every morning, but you know you are usually running out of time, maybe making a strong effort to get up 5 minutes earlier can make a big difference. Same goes if your goal is to meditate in the morning or before going to bed. We can trick our minds a little bit, by adjusting things around our surroundings. Sticking to your fitness goals can be difficult, our trainers are also life coaches. If you are struggling, we can help.

Ready To Get Some Goals Fulfilled?

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