Did you have fun being a mom during the pandemic? There were so many Tips To Help Busy Moms online before the pandemic, and now we all have to press the reset button and re-think our routines to fit the current guidelines. Being a busy mom is basically a “state of being”, a mom wakes up and goes to bed staying busy. There are so many books, shows and podcast promoting balance and wellness as well as how to stay or get in shape, but how to really make time when time is against you? Tips to help busy moms include joining small groups of moms that share the same interests and/or are willing to help when another mom is in need. Let’s explore some more options.

How Can You Really Make Time

There is a saying about where there is a way there is a will. However, sometimes will is not enough. If you are married with kids or just a single mom, having a support system around you, will play a huge role in how you can accomplish your goals. Depending on your situation, here are some tips to help you get some time for yourself:

  • Getting up 15 minutes earlier than your usual time
  • Make an appointment with your local gym or personal trainer.
  • Plan what you need to do for the day.
  • Forget how you look, maybe less time doing your hair?
  • Include activities that you can enjoy with your kids.
  • Join a boot camp.
  • Do not try to do it all in one day.
  • Do sit-ups while you are working for something, like doing your laundry or making a phone call.
  • Try fasting, when we worrying less about what to eat, we can put more time into other activities.

Finding The Right Group

There are many resources in social media that can help you find the right group for you. Maybe a mom’s yoga group, a hiking club, or virtual meditation groups. Zumba has become popular with moms too and that is something that young adults enjoy too. You can also walk to your local gym and ask for additional information.

The Place To Be

Lexington Avenue gym is located in Mount Kisco, NY and we will be happy to welcome all the moms that want to start kicking some sacks. Give us a Call now for more information or to make an appointment.