How to stay in shape on summer vacation it’s probably one of the most challenging things to do after a long Winter, but what about staying in shape after a whole year of a global pandemic? Most of us spent the year working from home, tutoring kids, baking, cooking everything that showed up on Facebook, tasty, or Instagram. No one knew that the entire world would be in lockdown mode or that our life styles would be changed forever. We spent months without seeing loved ones, or hugging or kissing our friends. Nurses and doctors could not go home to their families in fear of contagion. Oh yeah… last Summer was a unique one: Airports, hotels, beaches and parks were empty compared to previous years.

What To Eat, What To Drink, What To Do?

After a long winter and a refreshing Spring, Summer arrives with BBQs, travel, outdoor parties and different outdoor events like concerts, fairs, and Farmer’s Markets. All of those have their own temptations when it comes to food and drinks. Very few probably started working out as soon as winter was over, and now by summer vacation they are ready to show their athletic bodies and awesome abs. Many others, are still on the lockdown set of mind and maybe have procrastinated a little bit too much, to the point that summer hit them and they don’t even have a bathing suit. We recommend for these folks to start drinking lot of water and start doing short walks around the neighborhood. Maybe a walk to the closest gym may be the answer to get your mind ready to work out. At Lexington Avenue gym we can help with that.

How Often Will I Need To Work Out?

To stay in shape on summer vacation you do not need to do a 360 in your entire daily routine. As we mentioned before, small daily changes to your routine will get you closer to reaching your goals. Walk an extra block every day, increase your workout by 15 minutes every two or three days, drinking protein shakes and why not maybe hitting some sacks? Boxing is not just for men planning to become the next Mohammed Ali, boxing has become one of the most fun workouts you can find around your city. Please give us a Call now for more information or to make an appointment. You can also stop by any time that our facility is open and/or fill out our contact form in the website.