Bye bye Spring and welcome back Summer Season! By this time of the year, you will be most likely typing Heading Back To The Gym After A Break. All the hibernation food from Winter and all the delicious and fresh food of the Spring are now showing up and you are ready to start working out. Where to start and what to do? There are multiple places and multiple choices, but if you are in the Westchester, NY area look no further that Lexington Avenue gym. We are a Mount Kisco, NY facility that has been in business for over 15 years. Our dedication and professional staff will welcome you and anyone that you want to bring along. Our main focus is Boxing for Fitness, Personal Training and Boxing for Parkinson’s.

I Don’t Know Anything About Boxing?

You don’t need to pick the same routine you have always done. Heading back to the gym after a break can be challenging and stressful, so why not try something new? You do not to be an expert in the field, boxing is more than just hitting the sacks. Boxing it is more about improving your breathing, your balance, your posture, improving your senses and even handling stress. When you see a professional boxer, you can feel how he/she stays focused, alert and ready for the unexpected when it comes to his/hers opponent. We are spending some much time focusing on our devices, that we are forgetting our surroundings. You even see videos on social media of people falling into a fountain or into a hole because of the distraction of their cell phones. We need to go back to our true instincts and boxing will definitely help you achieve that.

Will I Be Ready For My Bikini?

Bikini or not you should feel ready for Summertime. After an entire year of pandemic, face coverings and lockdowns, we all deserve a nice break. We also hope that you are getting vaccinated so we can all drop our face coverings for good.  As far as your workout and how aggressive it should be for you to show your six-pack or your super bikini, we will need to do an assessment of your body fat and current lifestyle. In order for a workout routine to be successful we need to set short and realistic goals. It is unlikely that you can lose a huge amount of weight if you can only workout once a week. One of our professional trainers will do your initial evaluation and get a plan ready for you.

Need More Info?

If you still do not know what type of workout you should do, please give us a Call now for more information or to make an appointment. You can also stop by any time that our facility is open and/or fill out our contact form in the website. We will try to meet all your needs and expectations.