If you are a fan of the show Sunday Morning on CBS, you probably saw the note about Women in the Ring this morning. Although the article was more about women in competition, it is good to remember how far women had accomplished in this field and how hard the road had been. For those women that want to compete, the road includes, punches on the face and getting bruises all over, but for those who just want to try boxing as a sport, the competition it’s only for the Best Boxing gyms near them.

What Is A Boxing Gym?

To answer the question, what is the best boxing near me, you may have to answer a few questions yourself, like, is it near by, and is it spacious, does it have plenty of equipment and/or certified trainers? Lexington Avenue Gym, checks not only those boxes, but also plenty more. We have state-of-the-art facilities, and we are centrally located in Mount Kisco, NY. We offer, one-on-one training sessions and best of all we have No Membership.

So What’s Next?

If you are unsure of how to get started, let us help you with that. Stop by for a free consultation, meet our team and check out our facilities. We will make you feel at home by providing you with a pleasant experience. If you would like to meet a specific trainer, please fill out our contact form and set up an appointment.

Do I Have To Commit To A Specific Schedule?

You won’t have to commit to a specific schedule. Once you meet our trainers and know what type of routine you would like to start, you can decide when and how often you would like to workout to be.  We want for you to feel motivated and happy to achieve your goals. Call now or fill out our contact form.